Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Anyone who knows anything about cuckoo clocks knows that the very best come from the Black Forest in Germany. There are many masters of the art of cuckoo clock building in that region, and there is even a Black Forest Association that recognises cuckoo clocks as truly special if they meet some extremely high quality requirements.

Rare Cuckoo Clocks in Every Form

There are many types of cuckoo clock for the connoisseur to appreciate. Some prefer the more traditional, old-fashioned type like the Chalet-style pieces, or the more ornate and intricate Hunter style. There are also more modern time pieces available, which feature creative, irregular designs that one wouldn’t typically associate with the cuckoo clock.

In either case, the emphasis in the Black Forest is placed on the mechanical side of the clock just as much as the aesthetic of the piece. The clock itself may come in either a one day or and eight day movement, or it may have a Quartz-based mechanism. Whatever version you choose, the Black Forest seal of approval guarantees that you are buying something of immaculate quality.

The German Seal of Quality

German craftsmanship in woodwork goes back hundreds of years, and is known the world over for its intricacy and all-around brilliance. Marionette puppets are one of the other great works that certain parts of Germany are famed for, reflecting the skill and artistry with wooden carving and mechanisms that can’t be matched elsewhere.

For sheer inventiveness and ingenuity, German craftsmanship is unrivalled in the classical mechanical arts. A simple search online for Black Forest cuckoo clocks will reveal a bounty of beautiful pieces that could easily be displayed in any art gallery. Some of the most famed regions for cuckoo clock production in the Black Forest include:

· Schonach

· Titisee-Neustad

The Black Forest

A mainly rural area, the Black Forest is made up of many scattered villages, with a few large towns dotted around. It values tradition and custom, and cuckoo clocks are something that the regioin takes great pride in producing. Wood carvings of all types are produced in substantial numbers across the region, and the technology of the cuckoo clock was largely developed there. The most ornate and functional cuckoo clocks exist only as a result of the hard work and inventiveness of generations of craftsmen in the Black Forest.

As you might expect, a cuckoo clock that is certified by the Black Forest Association does not come cheap. But if you are an enthusiast, and have the money to afford such things, then there is no better cuckoo clock than one which is made in, or approved by, the Black Forest region of Germany that values tradition and wood-based craft above all else.